First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for all your hard work to get our company started and prepared to cope with this new norm we are all entering. Your commitment makes all the difference.

And I would like to remind you of the special responsibility that a company like ours has at this time. 

We want our values to shine at this difficult hour and we humbly request all of you to contribute to this. This is the moment for extra effort, for going the extra mile. I fully recognize we are asking a lot because all of us are also busy managing challenging personal and family situations at this moment. Your effort will make a huge difference to our company and to our society.

Blackstone Resilience was founded with a single vision: to be the most client centric, creative, technological and ground-breaking advisory and project management organization in the world. We shall always approach each of our clients with new innovative ideas to develop customized and unique strategies.

There is no doubt that as a business we are facing our toughest challenge right now. What I have noticed is there are few attributes that will get us through and help us succeed:

  • Be passionate in whatever you do

  • Focus on the success of our clients and partners

  • Go the extra mile


I look forward to working with you, our investors, sponsors, strategic partners and clients to ensure our mutual success.

Omar Rashid

Chief Executive Officer and Founder 

Blackstone Resilience