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The Director of Operations is responsible for all of the operations of the company. You will manage all systems and processes which Blackstone Resilience uses every single day. The director of operations will be managing the productions schedule, working with vendors, and implementing new company policies. You will have have 10 years of experience as well an MBA or Master's in risk management. One of the most important skills that you will have is problem solving to assess system issues. Another skill is analytical thinking as you will need to look through data all of the time.

The Director of Marketing will be responsible for all marketing at Blackstone Resilience. You will manage all marketing campaigns and marketing strategy to reach new clients. A few of the main duties of a director of marketing are creating weekly or monthly marketing reports. You will have 10 years of experience as well an MBA or Master's in Marketing Degree. One of the most important skills that you will have is content management and creation as well as budget creation as the director will need to develop the yearly budget for the marketing department.

The Director of Finance will have an advanced degree in accounting or finance with 10 years of experience in finance; excellent mathematical skills; leadership skills; management experience; integrity; honesty; understanding of data privacy standards; exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal; thorough understanding of business principles and practices; superior attention to details; organizational skills; planning skills; problem-solving skills; research skills; analytical skills; critical thinking skills; computer skills; multi-tasking skills.

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